Jannus Live In St Pete Fl

Jannus Live is a live music venue located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The venue was established in 1985 and has seen many of the world’s most renowned performers grace its stage over the years, including Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews Band. It also hosts some of Tampa Bay’s premier local acts such as Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish on a regular basis.

The open-air concert setting is one of Jannus Live’s greatest features; it allows for up to 2,000 people to enjoy their favorite artists at once while still keeping an intimate atmosphere between artist and audience member alike. Additionally, there are several bars within the venue serving craft beers from all around Florida along with delicious food options like tacos or pizza slices that make sure no one goes hungry during their night out!

Those looking for an unforgettable musical experience right here in the Tampa Bay area should look no further than Jannus Live – it has something for everyone whether you’re into rock ‘n’ roll or EDM music! With its amazing sound system coupled with great drinks/food selection plus friendly staff members who always go above & beyond – you won’t be disappointed when visiting this iconic destination!

This article was written by a professional at Jannus Live. Jannus Live, the iconic concert venue in Downtown St. Pete, is an OUTDOOR STANDING ROOM ONLY concert venue. We host an eclectic array of touring talent, as well as DJs, local artists, and private events.

Engulfed in the history of St. Petersburg, Florida, we pride ourselves on keeping the feeling of the historic Jannus Landing, while incorporating the new and modern amenities that make Jannus Live what it is today. Contact Jannus Live today for more information on live music in St Petersburg, Fl, private events and everything in between we offer.