Wedding on a Private Boat while Island Hopping in Phuket? Why not?

The wedding party is the happiest moment that you will remember for a lifetime. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you and your partner create an unforgettable moment for this event. If the wedding is usually held in a hotel ballroom, building or park, you can make your wedding moments more special by holding them on the boat. Sounds unique, right? No need for a luxury cruise ship, you and your partner can rent a private boa for the wedding party. If you are interested, it’s good if you and your partner determine the right location. Among the many choices, Phuket can be a suitable choice.

With the exotic beaches, Phuket provides many Private Boat Hire Phuket services that you and your partner can use to explore exotic beaches and hold weddings. You and your partner can order a private boat at Yacht Sourcing. This luxury Phuket agent provides a variety of yachts to choose from. Even though it’s not as big as a cruise ship that can accommodate a lot of people, you can bring your close friends and family to celebrate your wedding moment.

Are you still in doubt? The following are some of the reasons why marriage on a boat is a choice that you and your partner should consider.

Something Unusual

most people usually get married in a hotel, building or park. Your wedding party on the boat will be an unusual moment and will surely the best memory ever.

WEDDING while on Vacation

When deciding to celebrate the wedding on a private boat in Phuket, you and your partner will automatically do a holiday and party at the same time. When celebrating a wedding on a boat, you can also feel the Island Hopping adventure. Isn’t this fun? After sailing across the beautiful sea of ​​Phuket, you can stop by the nearby islands to enjoy the beauty of nature with family, friends, and loved ones.

Free to Choose a Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date is quite complicated, not only through discussions with family but not infrequently the wedding date must adjust the availability of vendors. If you and your lover get married on a private boat, you don’t need to worry. The private yacht in Phuket operates every day. So you and your lover will find it easier to choose dates.

Facility Package

If most people rent vendors and catering separately during wedding celebrations, you can get all in one if you celebrate the wedding on a private boat. Yacht Sourcing has provided a complete package of facilities, including catering cooked directly by a reliable chef.

Those are some reasons why you and your lover should consider the choice of getting married on a private boat. Good luck in planning a wedding! cruise why-not