Tips for renting a wedding hall at the Mercure Hotel

Choosing a building that is cheap, good, complete, and strategic but the quality is a hallmark of the modern lifestyle. Likewise in matters that are important and sacred, namely choosing the building in a marriage. Now the choice of holding a wedding reception is no longer in a private home. choosing a good building that chose hotel in myanmar, Mercure Hotels and in the auditorium are now being hunted by both the event organizer/event organizer and directly by the bride and groom themselves. Choosing a building It may be that the prestige value is also a standard in organizing modern wedding receptions, but also, the availability of land and areas that support wedding reception processions, practical and efficient are the main reasons for choosing a building for a wedding that can be run solemnly and smoothly.

By choosing a wedding hall, you will not be bothered with limited areas, parking spaces and parking attendants, security, catering and cleaning after your wedding reception. Easy to choose a building? How do you choose a building? There are several things to consider in choosing a building for a wedding reception.

Below are 11 tips on choosing a wedding hall that you can make as a consideration before deciding to choose a wedding hall:

• Adjust the Wedding Reception Date Before you start choosing the wedding hall as the place for your wedding, you must first determine the exact date for your wedding. Make sure there are no more changes so that you are not bothered with availability by that date.

• Building Location Note the location of the wedding hall. A suitable and fitting building for a wedding will be easy for the guests to reach. Like the Mercure Hotel in Myanmar with an affordable location with the Toll exit and the hotel area as well as other public facilities.

• Number of Invitations The number of invitations will greatly affect the size of the wedding hall to be rented. If there are many invitations, then it should be adjusted to the capacity of the building so that guests are more comfortable when they arrive. The Mercure hotel has a capacity of up to 2000 people and a large parking area of ​​up to 2000 vehicles also supports your wedding for many guests.

• Budget Adjust the wedding hall with your budget so that expenses can be more controlled. Mercure Hotel, with luxurious and magnificent facilities as well as a friendly budget for those of you who want to carry out a wedding.

• Building Facilities Facilities owned by the wedding hall will support the smoothness and comfort of your event including having adequate parking, changing rooms, makeup rooms, sound systems, etc. United Tractors Grand Ballroom has facilities such as VIP Room, Dressing Room, Large Toilets, garden, sound system, lighting and luxurious and luxurious facilities to support your wedding event.

• Building Partners Currently many buildings offer partners for various vendors, such as catering, photography, decor, etc., but this could be a negative point, because based on the experience of the bride and groom, now many buildings are ‘forcing’ brides to use partner vendors with the risk of wearing a charge or even forbidding the choice of non-partner vendors of the bride and groom’s choice, even though the bride and groom should have the right to determine the vendor of their choice, especially they have already paid dearly for the cost of renting the building. Because the bride and groom certainly have their considerations why they appoint vendors outside the building partners.

• Down Payment & Goods Receipt Once you have settled in with the wedding hall of your choice, you can pay Down Payment so that your name is listed as order and do the Rehearsal before your event.

• Near the Public, Facilities Choosing a good wedding hall usually located near public facilities. Choose buildings that are located near public facilities such as supermarkets, markets, and other public places.

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