A Visit from Korea with Love

I just had the most amazing week of my life. I met my online girlfriend for the first time and it was amazing. Dasom came all the way from South Korea to meet me. She was everything that I had hoped for in a woman. She was so beautiful and nice. We had such a blast hanging out together. I am very glad that she enjoyed her first trip to the United Stated of America. She came through ESTA USA services. She was allowed to come to the United States for a ninety day visit. I am really glad that she came.

Before I met Dasom, my life felt very empty. I saw other couples with their significant others and i felt left out. I tried the dating scene in my local area, but things did not work out. Some of the women I met had problems and baggage that I did not want to deal with in my relationship. I almost gave up hope. My friend told me about an online dating service for international people. I though it would be exciting to date someone from another country. I gave it a chance.

I viewed some profiles and saw one woman from South Korea that blew me away. Her name was Dasom. She was 25 years old and very beautiful. I decided to send her a reply to get to know her. I was surprised that she replied back to me in a flirtatious manner. We had so much chemistry together. After months of talking, we decided to finally met. She was so exited about coming to America.

Dasom was allowed to come to America without a visa because of the ESTA USA program. We we met at the airport, it was magical. We held each other for like ten minutes. I walked proudly with my new girlfriend. We had so much fun on our date.