Your 48 Hours in Kodaikanal Sorted

Situated in the Western Ghats of Palani hills, Kodaikanal is one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu.  This place is popularly known as the “Queen of hills” because of breathtaking views and scenic mountains.  If you have grown tired of the hectic schedule of office and are willing to relax and refresh yourself, then move down to Kodaikanal and have a great weekend. The tranquil lakes, mesmerizing waterfalls, lush green forests, and clear skies will surely take your heart away and make you feel Wow!

However, before going to the beautiful places, just book the hotels in Kodaikanal online and also get the attractive deals and discounts available to save your bucks. As far as the itinerary is concerned, leave that on us. If you want to cover the best attractions in Kodaikanal, we have planned a 48-hour trip for you to relish the spots which just cannot be missed.

Day 1

Begin your day by heading towards Coaker’s Walk to relish an amazing view of the gorgeous valley. This amazing trip will take you through the wooded forests to a hilltop. There you will find a small observatory, where you will get a telescope to get a panoramic view of the gorgeous valley, small towns, and the plains.

The next amazing thing which you need to experience in this fantastic place is the Kodaikanal Lake. Stretched across 60 acres of land, this stunning man-made lake is situated at the height of approximately 2280m above the sea level. Surrounded by the lush green slopes, the beautiful lake forms a shape of a star. This place is certainly one the most alluring places to feel serenity spread everywhere. Moreover, if you an adventurer, then you can also enjoy fun activities such as cycling, horse riding, fishing, and boating in the lake.

After having a great time at Kodaikanal Lake, you can take a trip to Bryant Park.  This beautiful park is nestled on the lake’s eastern side and is stretched around 21 acres of land.  You just cannot miss the number of hybrid plants and collection of beautiful flowers. This place is a perfect space for lots of selfies! If you are visiting Kodaikanal in summer, then Bryant Park will be the best spot to enjoy beautiful flower shows which are quite popular here.

Day 2

After a beautiful first day, you can advance further to Kodaikanal’s most appealing spot, Berijam Lake to begin the journey of the second day.  This stunning lake is stationed around 20 kilometres from the local bus stand. You will require permission from forest authorities to visit this picturesque lake as it is set within the reserved forest region so do that in the morning. The crystal-clear waters are stretched across 25 acres of land and allures travellers from all around the world. It is not just the lake but also the surroundings that can make you fall in love with this place. The rich flora and fauna make you feel as if you are in the lap of nature. Overall, Berijam Lake will be the perfect cure for your tiring days in the office. If you want, you can spend an entire day here. While returning, you can also visit two more gorgeous valleys – Caps Fly Valley and Silent Valley.

Now that the short yet happening itinerary is sorted, you can head to Kodaikanal for the perfect weekend with friends! Also, do not forget to book hotels in Kodaikanal in advance for a comfortable stay out there. Now, pack your bags and begin the journey!