Vacation with Cruise Ship is not Expensive! Try Hoping Island NOW!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word cruise? Some people must immediately remember the holiday on a luxury boat while traveling around the world.

Cruise ships are synonymous with luxury holidays. Not infrequently, tourists must be willing to drain the bag to realize a vacation on a cruise. However, now, a vacation with a cruise can be tricked with a pocket-friendly budget. Instead of sailing by large ship to all corners of the world, you can try Hoping Island in Phuket using the Luxury Yacht Charter Phuket provided by Yacht Sourcing. Yacht Sourcing offers a variety of vessels to choose from. One of the recommended boats is Maha Bhetra.

You will be amazed by the classic interior of the ship, which is almost all made of wood. Here, you will feel the traditional Thai nuances that are thick through the vibes carried by Maha Bhetra. Despite its classic appearance, Maha Bhetra offers a variety of luxurious amenities on its yachts. The ship, which is capable of accommodating up to 20 people, is equipped with three cabins, bedrooms, air conditioning, Wifi, and many more.

On closer inspection, the room in the upper cabin even offers a beautiful blend of classic Thai and modern nuances. Here, you can relax and eat with your family while enjoying the exotic views of the sea. Speaking of food, Yacht Sourcing also provides a variety of Thai dishes that are super delicious and cooked directly by professional chefs. Here, you will be treated with food and refreshing seasonal fruit. Not only that, if you feel tired during Hoping Island, you can order spa and massage services. Yacht Sourcing will be happy to facilitate it. Isn’t this fun? You can even sail and enjoy luxury hotel-style facilities.

Maha Bhetra also offers other facilities such as snorkeling equipment, fishing, beach pick-up services to travel insurance. So you don’t need to worry, your trip using Yacht Sourcing is guaranteed to be safe and unforgettable.

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