Truck Technology Nowadays is More Safer and Comfortable

Now commercial cars like trucks are equipped with modern technology and some practical features. Some truck manufacturers also present technology that can improve efficiency, such as the addition of gps, for gps information on the truck, you can see through the Truck vehicles are identical to the owner’s business, so operational costs are a priority.

In addition to engine technology, modern trucks are also equipped with comfort and safety features for drivers and luggage.


The latest breakthrough of Isuzu GIGA on FRR and FTR variants is a 4×2 medium truck with 4 cylinder engine. The GIGA Isuzu engine uses the Common Rail Turbo Intercooler Heavy Duty engine equipped with ECM (Electronic Control Module). Because of better combustion system. The engine can use less fuel, but the power gained is greater. It certainly benefits the businessmen in running the operation.

As for the manufacturer Hino has common rail engine almost in all variants of medium trucks, tractor heads, and buses, which are equipped with solar filtration system consists of three filters. That is pre-filter, main filter 1, and main filter 2. Making filtering cleaner, freeing diesel from substance contamination, the result is more perfect combustion and engine more durable.

Especially for the variant of Super Cruising Ranger FG 240 JP, and FM 285 JW has been applied Injector DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) is more durable and durable with the replacement of injectors more easily without having computer settings.

Mitsubishi Fuso manufacturers also have modern machines like Fuso FJ 2523 (6×2), equipped with injection diesel engine 6,373 cc powered 230 PS. Fuel injection uses a high-capacity unitized injection pump with turbo intercooler.

Unitized injection pump is installed in each cylinder engine capable of working individually with an electronically regulated injection process. This technology embodies fuel efficiency and easy maintenance. Uniquely the machine can operate even though one of the injection pumps is not working.


Isuzu GIGA and Elf are equipped with radio, CD and MP3. Some products are equipped with reverse parking cameras (reverse parking cammera) to facilitate when parking in restricted areas. Isuzu GIGA cabin design has Hexapod concept so it feels comfortable while driving.

Medium Mitsubishi New FUSO FJ 2523 (6×2) has a steering wheel with Polyurethane material system (PU) equipped with tilt & telescopic steering feature that adds driving comfort so the driver does not get tired quickly. Fun, behind the cabin there is a bedroom with a window that can be open and close.


For driver and luggage safety, some features have been embedded in the New Fuso 2523 (6×2) truck. Like, the feature interwheel differential lock, which is a technology that can overcome the slip on the wheel so that makes the vehicle more easily operated when in the mud trajectory and slippery road surface.

In addition there are indicators of wear and tear clutch that provides ease to do periodic maintenance and replacement part.

Also equipped with multi-information display (MID) that allows drivers to get a variety of important information when driving. Such as mileage, average speed and fuel consumption with variable green band indicator. Can help the driver drive with fuel consumption more economical.

While the variant of Hino 500 series Ranger FM 320 P which has been equipped with braking system Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). To increase comfort during the sudden braking, so the braking process becomes more effective and safe.

In addition, this variant has a tachograph that serves to monitor the condition of vehicle operation and driving behavior of the driver. This makes it easier for employers to check truck operations related to fuel efficiency.