Travel to Dalat, the Most Popular Honeymoon City in Vietnam

The first time I read about the city of Dalat in Vietnam, was when I was flipping through 1,000 copies of the book Places To See Before You Die, a travel book written by Patricia Schultz. There Dalat is described as a small town in the highlands, about 300 km from Ho Chi Minh City which is popular with French-style villas because it is a resting area in the French colonial past.

The thickness of the French architectural style is felt when you visit the Da-Lat Railway Station, which was built in the art deco style by the Famous French architect Moncet & Reveron.

Finally, I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam, in Vietnam, there are many hotels with complete facilities, one of which is the Danang Hotel. Many interesting things in Vietnam, one of which is Da-Lat. Da-Lat is also famous as The Honeymoon Mecca for the people of Vietnam because Da-lat is the only area in Vietnam that has cool air all year round like spring. No wonder many couples choose Da-lat as their honeymoon destination.

Taxi From Da-lat Airport to Dalat City Center

One thing to remember when visiting Da-lat is don’t forget to find out about transportation fares from the airport to the city center. Before traveling to Da-lat I didn’t have time to browse, because I felt sure that in Vietnam taxis aren’t too expensive. Turns out wrong! Once out of the airport I immediately took a taxi waiting in front of him. With the distance to Da-lat city center about 30 km through the hills and pine forests, as a result, must be willing to reach 500,000 Dong bags. Even though if we buy a taxi voucher that is sold in the counter after baggage claim, we only need to pay 200,000 dongs. Or if you want to be even cheaper, you can choose to take the shuttle bus for 40,000 Dong per person.

I had regretted also having to pay a more expensive taxi fee, but the cool air of Da-lat city could make the annoyance disappear instantly. The offerings of colorful city lights with a luminous tower that resembles a miniature Eiffel are truly enticing. The tower is located next to the main post office, namely Buu-Dien-Tinh Lam Dong or also known as ‘little Paris’. The lights of the city are beautifully reflected in Xuan Huong lake which stretches in the middle of the city. There are several popular restaurants and cafes located around this lake. In the middle of the lake, we can relax on a goose-shaped paddle boat.

At night visiting Da-lat Night Market is something that must be done. Like the night market in general, all kinds of goods are sold here including trinkets for souvenirs. Near the night market, you can have dinner in neatly arranged cafes on the road to the hill, or you can also casually enjoy baguette bread (French bread), roasted corn, meatballs, and roasted sausages or boiled eggs at roadside vendors selling their wares on one side of the lake. Besides, that what caught my attention was the existence of tandem bicycle rentals (two-seater bicycles) around the lake and near the night market. Pedaling a bicycle together with a partner, enjoying the cool air of this romantic little town is truly an unforgettable experience.

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