Tourism Phi Phi Island, The Beauty of a Hidden Paradise in Thailand

A vacation abroad is definitely the dream of your traveling buddies. Because there are so many tourist attractions in other countries that are not less beautiful than tours in other parts of the world. Maybe you really want to take a vacation and travel to famous European countries. Actually, in Thailand, you can already enjoy the natural beauty that is very riveting you know. One example is Thailand which has stunning Phi Phi Island tours.

The Beauty of Phi Phi Island Tourism, a Paradise for Tourists

The charm of the natural beauty in each country is indeed very riveting. Thailand is no exception to Phi Phi Island. The island is located about 38 KM south of Thailand if from the direction of Krabi. Well, this island is always recommended for tourists visiting Thailand. Because indeed the Phi Phi Island tour is very beautiful and enchanting.

If you just come and look around, you will surely be amazed and amazed by the very beautiful composition of nature. The beach on this island has very white and clean sand with seawater which is very clear and fresh-looking. Moreover, the shallow waters around are also surrounded by cliffs of Karst which adds to the beauty of Phi Phi Island.

Kho Phi Phi, Uninhabited Island That Saves Beauty

If you visit the island of Phi Phi guaranteed not to be bored and fed up with the tours there. Because there are so many tourist spots that you can visit and enjoy the beauty and excitement. Here is a small uninhabited island called Koh Phi Phi.

This small island is famous for being very beautiful with Karst cliffs decorated with small trees and very clear waters around. There is a famous beautiful beach on the island of Koh Phi Phi, Maya Bay. The beauty of the beach no doubt. Because it was once made as to the setting of the film The Beach. For lovers of diving can also enjoy the underwater life on Koh Phi Phi.

Maya Bay itself is a favorite location for Phi Phi Island tourism for lovers of Diving. Because indeed under this water area there are many coral reefs with very beautiful and interesting marine life. If you are lucky and certainly brave, you can see firsthand the sharks that are swimming with a certain depth of the sea you are sure.

Other ways to enjoy Phi Phi Land at Phi Phi View Point

There is also Phi Phi View Point which is the most beautiful location to see the Phi Phi Island tour from above. The shape of this island actually resembles the letter H with its center as the center of the life of the local residents. Well, Phi Phi View Point is located in the East and offers views of two beaches facing each other. For those of you who like photography is perfect looking for a stunning view here.

The height of Phi Phi View Point is around 186 meters and takes between 20 to 30 minutes. But you certainly won’t be disappointed if you go up to this viewpoint. Because this location is the best viewing location on the island of Phi Phi.

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