TOP 10 in Bali

Bali. It is one of the most famous exotic destinations worldwide, an ideal choice for strolling tourists but also for crazy sports lovers, as Indonesia is a complex of islands around coral complexes, but also due to the great waves encountered in many beaches of the island.

There are, however, 10 things you should definitely do if you visit this beautiful island.

1) Enjoy your stay in one of the most luxurious hotels. The accommodation in Bali is very cheap. You can rent a room or a villa of a big hotel, some of which have a private pool. Enjoy the absolute chill with a very small cost and spend as a billionth for few days.

2) Scuba diving.

Enjoy the unique experience of diving, with the accompaniment of instructors you can find all over the island. If you have the opportunity travel to the Palau Menjangan, the best place for diving in the island, after passing through stunning areas of rice fields, lakes and coconuts. The experience of swimming next to coral reefs and rare multicolored fish is unique. The cost is very small and the adventure is unique.

3) Riding an elephant.

Take a full day at the safari park, along with these pedlars and beautiful animals. If you have not seen a short ivory, the sensation of the size of this animal beside you is not described. Do you miss an elephant with a guide, go to the park and you put the fruit and bamboo roots that are his favorite. The elephants are very friendly and many of their reactions resemble the corresponding human. You will love them!

4) Rafting

Explore the most famous  Ayung River on the island, the admiring the unparalleled beauty of the area, the surrounding forest and the path between boulders and trees. The route until you reach the starting point may seem tedious but the result will reward you.

5) Walk on a volcano

During your stay at a hotel in Bali, look for day trips to some of the active volcanoes. The route and the descent to the volcano require good physical condition. But your mourning will be eliminated as soon as you reach the volcano. Feeling the earth is boiling under your feet is a memorable experience.

6) Visit the Mistletoe Forest

Dedicate one day to the Forest of the Monkeys and the Tanahlot Temple, which is surrounded by the sea and as a landscape is one of the most beautiful temples of Bali. With the aura coming from the sea and the atmosphere to create a sense of homely, like the one that exudes the stories of the faithful who have passed from here, you will experience an experience

7) Explore all the areas around the mainland

Rent a car and start off for the beautiful villages of Cheluk, Batuwalaan. You will discover how they repair gold, silver and wood for local handicrafts. Then visit the Cumung Kawi Temple Tempel and when the day comes to the end, return to the hotel, having grand panoramas.

8) Visit Besaki Temple

Bessaki Temple is the largest temple in Bali. Also known as the Mother Temple, it is situated on the slopes of Mount Agung, which is considered the tallest and most sacred point on the island. You can also visit Goa Lavah the cave-temple with hundreds of bats at Klingung, at the entrance of a tunnel and believed to communicate with Besakich.

9) Shopping

Bali is dedicated to all kinds of purchases. Give one of the last few days to make your shopping in the outdoor markets and shops along the Seminyak and Krobokan shops inexpensive. Visit local stores and buy gold and silver at very low prices. Ask for price because it is something that everyone loves the Balinese. Shopping in Bali is considered a paradise specifically for women, as you can find excellent fabrics and handmade jewels.

10) Enjoy the Indonesian Cuisine.

The Indonesian Cuisine has many features with Chinese Cuisine and 2 of its main ingredients are nutmeg and pepper. If you are craving for hot meals then you are in the right place. Salads, abundant fruits and fresh fish are the main feature of everyday nutrition in Bali. All you have to keep in mind is the cleanliness of the areas you eat, especially if we are talking about street food.

Do not forget to spend a couple of days in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. You can stay in a luxury hotel Jakarta and having some time exploring this city before you arrive to Bali.

Whatever you choose to do in Bali, either hiking or just enjoying your cocktail in one of its marvelous beaches, one thing is for sure: It’s an once in a lifetime trip.Enjoy.

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