Tips to Plan a Wedding Abroad

Many expats are lucky enough to find their soul mate abroad. If this is your case, you are probably dreaming of arranging a destination wedding. However, the celebration of a marriage abroad often involves special formalities, as well as careful preparation. You can easily a good destination for your wedding with Aquaventure offers and make your destination wedding unique and exciting and at the same time, invite those who are dear to you to join in.

Embrace the Local Culture

Celebrating your wedding abroad represents an excellent opportunity to discover and better appreciate the local traditions, as well as the culinary richness of your host country. If you have just moved abroad, take the time to learn about regional traditions, beliefs, customs and flavors. In Italy, for example, as a thank you, guests are offered almonds coated in colored sugar and wrapped in tulle. This is the bonbonnière (favors) whose tradition dates back to the Roman era.

In Philippines, a custom is that newlyweds will release a pair of doves which indicates the symbol of a peaceful, long and harmonious life. In Germany, the couple demonstrates cooperation and being capable of overcoming obstacles by cutting a log in half with a saw. Although, it is your choice to incorporate local traditions in your event it is still quite interesting to entertain your guests and introduce them with the culture of the new country. Additionally, with Aquaventure offers, you have the opportunity to arrange a destination as well as a themed wedding.

Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner can save you all of the stress and headaches of planning a wedding abroad. What’s more, they know the area better than you do, as well as the local traditions and language. A wedding planner can therefore help you find the best suppliers and will take care of purchasing the necessary materials and finding the perfect place of celebration, according to your taste and budget. It is best to let the wedding planner take care of everything. However, make sure that the latter keeps you informed of all arrangements, as well as expenses.

Anticipate the Reception of Your Guests

Planning a destination wedding also means to invite friends and family members that are in your country of origin. As they will be making some extra effort to make your special day more special, it should be assured that they are warmly welcomed and are comfortable. It is good to provide them with all information about their stay in the host country well in advance so that they are properly informed and make arrangements accordingly. If you are looking for accommodations and reservations, Aquaventure offers will be of great helps and you will get reservations done at great discounted prices as well.

It is also recommended that guests be educated about the climate and lifestyle in their host country, including dietary habits, dress code, and available transportation to ensure they have a pleasant stay. They will also need to be available, whether over the phone, email or instant messaging to answer any questions they may have.

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