Things You Should Know Before Vacationing to Maldives

The rising popularity of the Maldives has made this country located in the southwest of India included in the bucket list of travelers. Maldives Identical to the perfect blue beach that will spoil the eye as far as you can see. Maldives is also often considered an expensive vacation because the price is fantastic. However, is that true? There are some interesting things to explore when wanting to take a vacation to the Maldives. At least by finding out the various interesting things, the best time, and resorts that provide promo prices while vacationing to the Maldives. So, visit this place will only just a dream.

Here are some things to be considered, when you want to visit the Maldives in your bucket list:

1. Make sure the destination

Maldives is an archipelagic country, there are about 1,190 islands in this country. Among the thousands of islands, there are 200 inhabited islands. While 80 islands inhabited by resorts for tourists.

One of the islands is Meradhoo. This island is a must-visit tourist destination. If you want to visit Meradhoo Island, don’t forget to stay at Villas,

2. The best time

Some travel sites recommend the best time to visit the Maldives in the summer, between November and April. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the possibility to explore it in September, a month before entering high season tourists. At this time, besides the sun is good, the wind that blows will make you enjoy this place. Your eyes will be spoiled by views surrounded by blue beaches and clear-as-mirror seawater.

3. Visa on arrival

For tourists coming from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, the Maldives provides tourist visas for 30 days. So you will not get bothered with obtaining a visa.

With only a passport, you can enjoy the beach for a month if you want.

4. Island resort

Almost every year, there is the opening or inauguration of a new resort island in the Maldives, again along with its rising popularity as a tourist destination. This is, of course, good for tourists. A new resort will compete to offer many promos and lower prices, as well as more attractive offers.

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