Reasons why you need to visit Art in Paradise while in Bangkok

Art in Paradise is a three-dimensional museum that you need to visit while visiting Bangkok City, Thailand. After being built in Pattaya, this place with dozens of interesting images can also be found in the Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada Road. Although located on the outskirts of Bangkok City, the mall is also close to hotel accommodation. One of them is Ibis Style Bangkok Ratchada, Ibis Ratchada is the ideal accommodation for you who want to capture a moment at Art in Paradise.

Art in Paradise has several connecting rooms that contain dozens of three-dimensional riveting images, from stairs to hell to the flying carpet ride. Find silly three-dimensional images that truly represent yourself, then create compelling photos. To make it easier for tourists to get the best photo angles, even the manager of this place has already completed it with an arrow symbol. 

Art in Paradise images that are lined with varnish often makes reflections if the visitor is photographing using light so that the impression of no dimension in the image cannot be seen. As a workaround, you need to carry a tripod, allowing you to shoot without the help of Flash. 

Art in Paradise is open daily from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM, and the ticket purchase location closes at 21.00. Only by paying the admission ticket for 300 Bath for adults and 200 Bath for children, everyone can feel the excitement of the imagination that this place has to offer. 

Art in Paradise is a truly delightful place, a great place to dodge from the crowded traffic of Bangkok traffic. This is a three-dimensional gallery that contains a variety of super fun images. You need hours to be able to enjoy all the pictures in this place. 

Art in Paradise, a very successful tourist attraction attracts many visitors, and the location of this gallery was first built in Pattaya. The paintings in the gallery are divided into six zones. The Underwater World Zone collects various marine species, including the mermaids. Wildlife zones include wildlife paintings with a variety of realistic movements.

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