Parking options are available at the ATL airport

Applying a vehicle at the Atlanta Airport Parking should not get a parking space. Because if in public parking, usually more expensive.

The choice of airport parking has changed and expanded. Medium and large airports offer several types of parking lots, with prices according to comfort and distance from the terminal.

Parking options available at the airport

Short Term Parking

The choice of short-term parking is not far from the airport terminal. The location is not far from the airport which makes the cost relatively more expensive. Short-term parking is intended for those who want to pick up and pick up passengers. Usually online drivers like robbers who use parking services to transport passengers, but if you want to put your car overnight, you will be charged a lot.

Daily parking

Daily parking lots and garages are more expensive than long-term parking lots, but are much cheaper than short-term parking spaces. Daily parking is usually located within a short driving distance from the airport terminal. Usually, airports offer a shuttle service from the daily parking lot to the terminal if the parking lot is not next to the terminal building.

Long Term Parking / Satellite

Long-term parking lots, sometimes called satellite Airport Parking, are usually quite far from the airport. You must take the shuttle to the terminal. Rates are much lower than short or daily parking rates. Long-term parking is ideal for anyone who needs to leave their car in the parking lot for several days. Tip: Bring an ice scraper if you park in the long term during the winter. Keep it in your luggage so you can use it if your car is coated with ice when you return.

Valet parking

Some airports offer valet parking. Parking service is very convenient, but you will pay for that convenience. It is expected to pay $ 6 to $ 10 per hour for the first two hours. Some airport valet parking does not offer overnight parking.

The last is parking outside the airport

Outside Airport Parking

Private parking lots have sprung up at many airports in the United States. They generally offer lower prices than airport long-term parking rates. They also offer shuttle services to and from the airport terminal. Some even wash your car for free when you leave. If you book an online parking reservation, you can save more money.

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