Mountain On Steam

For many years of my life, I was very active in the Boy Scouts of America. We’re looking for proposals for long pieces (probably non-fiction of one kind or another – essays, memoirs, reflections, interviews, dialogues – but we’re open to other suggestions) of 4000-6000 words that tell stories that touch on the experience of the sacred in a time of unravelling.

Dark Mountain offers no dogma or moral instruction, but if it has sometimes brushed up against the experience of the sacred, I guess it’s because that is just what happens when people come together in the face of the unknown, finding a sense of communion that is often lacking elsewhere, and making room for the strange kinds of words that point towards the wordless.

I was also wondering, I am interested in looking for a young started Buckley Mtn Feist female that is not in the same line as Psalms and I know that you told me that from time to time that you work with some of your pups and then sell them later on. IF you have one or know that you will have one coming up please keep me in mind about this.

Outdoor organizations like the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Sierra Club do their best to educate prospective hikers and climbers about the joys and potential dangers of mountain hiking and climbing, offering courses and guided trips year-round that emphasize proper dress, behavior, and safety.

Please consider chipping in to support the Tadpole Project at our Facebook fundraiser here or at our regular donation page here Last week for Earth Day, the Tadpole Project did an Adopt-a-Highway cleanup, and the CREEK kids went on a hike at Lake Stephens.