Let’s talk about a good place to enjoy modern art in Amsterdam

There are records that modern art was born along with the industrial revolution in the mid-18th century. This type of art developed between 1860 and 1970 and then led to contemporary art. In the Moco Museum you can enjoy pieces by modern artists such as Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko, among others. However, there are also other types of art pieces and sculptures that are truly unique. The “Freaky Mouse” by Fidia will leave more than one with their mouths open and the giant gummy bear by WhIsBe will bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. Although modern art in Amsterdam is very popular, this museum is a good place to start if you have never entered a museum before. Check the museum’s website to see the art pieces they have on display.

A museum designed for everyone

A museum is often seen as a journey into the past. What sets this museum apart from others is that it focuses on providing an experience that everyone, regardless of their artistic tastes, can enjoy. The Moco Museum is a young museum as it was born in 2016. With such a short time since it was founded, it has managed to become a reference worldwide, appreciated by locals and tourists. In fact, it is one of the few museums that manages to attract the attention of the youngest thanks to the variety of its exhibition. It is recognized for its collection of modern art in Amsterdam, as well as for its particular design. It has 3 floors full of paintings and sculptures, plus a private garden where you will find sculptures and outdoor spaces to share with family and friends.

How to enjoy modern art in Amsterdam?

If you are planning to visit this artistic city, you must understand that there is a lot to see. In order not to miss anything, you have to design a map of the places you want to visit. You can use tools like Google Maps to find the Moco Museum and other museums in the city. Don’t forget that each museum displays art focused on different artists or artistic trends. If you are looking for one in particular, we recommend you to check the city’s website. There you will find not only museums but also all kinds of attractions, including the ferry ride. Modern art in Amsterdam is just one of the many types of art you can enjoy in this city.