Hotel Facilities Most Charged by Guests, Anything

Vacation with an overnight stay is one type of vacation that is starting to bloom in Thailand.
People who vacation usually deliberately choose to stay at a hotel with complete facilities where they will spend their vacation at the Novotel Patong hotel. Not only is it fun, but a vacation can also save your vacation budget and become a boredom remedy.

Planning a budget or vacation fund is very important to make because it can be a checklist for your vacation.
There must be no important needs that are missed so that you are confused when you arrive at a vacation spot.

Also, planning can make you not worry about the lack of money while in a vacation place because everything has been calculated.
Financial planning is very important to do so you can find out what you can plan financially now and in the future. Even though it looks easy, there are still many people who make mistakes when practicing it.
What are you waiting for? Let’s do it now and feel the benefits.
Well, here are some of the facilities targeted by hotel occupants, namely:

# 1 Restaurant

In general, in the hotel, there is more than 1 place to eat. There is the main restaurant. There is also a cafe or lounge.
The restaurant inside the hotel is one of the facilities that is often hunted, both by hotel guests, as well as guests who do not stay at the hotel.
Diverse types of food, can eat as much as you want, and satisfying service is the main attraction to eat at the hotel.
In addition to the main meal, you can also enjoy the afternoon by spending time in the cafe or lounge accompanied by live music.

For example in Bangkok, several four-star hotels provide afternoon tea facilities, where you can enjoy Thai snacks while drinking coffee or tea and watching the sunset.
if you are hotel occupants, you do not need to pay extra to eat breakfast at the hotel.
But if your booking does not include breakfast or you are not staying at the hotel, then you must pay.

# 2 Swimming Pool

One of the most sought-after facilities for hotel guests is the swimming pool. This facility is a bonus. So if you are hotel visitors, you do not need to pay extra for these facilities.
Hotels also compete to provide a variety of swimming pool facilities. Some offer infinity swimming pools, some are indoor, some are outdoor.
Also, the swimming pool provided at the hotel is designed to spend time with family because of the children’s swimming pool.

# 3 Fitness Center

Sports activities at the hotel are not just swimming, but you can use the fitness equipment provided at the fitness center.
Besides relaxing, you can also maintain health. Especially if you are on a business trip with a busy schedule.
Sports facilities provided by the hotel do not stop there. Several hotels provide specialized sports coaches. Some provide exercise classes every morning or evening.

# 4 Premium TV Channels

A hotel is a place of accommodation, therefore, the facilities provided in the room must be of high quality.
First, the mattress and bedding that are given must certainly give the impression of comfort for those who want to rest.
Second is the TV channel provided. In hotels, especially star hotels, usually not only provide local TV channels but also international TV channels.
There are even some hotels that provide gaming facilities with TV or show cinema films.
If you are confused about what to do in a hotel, you can watch television while enjoying the softness of the mattress provided.

# 5 Free Internet

Hotel residents will be given free internet facilities.
High-speed internet is usually used to take care of work or only used for entertainment.
Because there is no limit to the internet provided, you can use it to download applications or files without having to worry about quota limits.

Take advantage of the facilities provided

So many facilities are not offered by the hotel?

Therefore, take advantage of the facilities to the maximum. In addition, treat these facilities like your home.

Do not just because there are those who certainly manage and care for you, so you act as you wish.

You certainly do not want to be harmed by the hotel right? Then act according to what you want to get from other people.

Have a nice vacation, and have a nice day!

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