9 Tips for Traveling to Bangkok Thailand for the First Time

Have a plan to visit Bangkok Thailand? Looks like you have to know what to do if you want to visit there for the first time, like finding the best Family Hotel Bangkok or the other. For those who are accustomed to traveling, maybe going to a foreign country is common. However, it is different for those who are not used to it, which makes traveling a thrilling moment. To do this, check out the travel guide to Bangkok Thailand for the following beginners:

Tips for Vacation to Bangkok Thailand

  1. How to dress

Thailand is very popular with its temples. To respect the place of worship as well as the tour, visitors must wear modest clothes of course. It’s best to avoid using pants or short skirts until the tops are sleeveless and have low neck cuts.

  • Reply Greeting

Thai people are also famous for being friendly, not infrequently they will give greetings to tourists. The warm greeting is called “wai” which is practiced with the head slightly bent, cupping the palms on the chest. If you are given such a greeting, reply with the same greeting. This warm greeting is also a sign that you are very well received.

  • Tuk-tuk or Taxi?

The means of transportation in Bangkok Thailand are taxis and tuk-tuk. But which one should you choose? If you want comfort, a taxi can be an option because you can use a taximeter. However, if the taxi does not use a taximeter, then you have to bargain. However, make sure you have agreed on the price before going up. If not, you will actually be charged above the normal. Many tourists prefer tuk-tuk to taxis in Bangkok, Thailand.

Besides being cheap, riding a tuk-tuk can be a pleasant experience. However, keep doing the agreement at the beginning, if necessary, ask the Thai population about the tuk-tuk tariff for a certain distance.

  • Use ATM & Money Changer

As long as you take a walk in the City of Bangkok Thailand, you will easily find an ATM or Money Changer. You can exchange money once you get to the airport so you can immediately start an exciting trip there.

  • Shop at the Market

The market is the best place for tourists to find cheap goods. You can buy souvenirs in the market so that they will get cheap and good prices. Don’t forget to always show your bargaining skills so that you get the best price.

  • Prepare Sunscreen & Anti-Mosquito Lotion

So that the skin remains protected, then you should prepare sunscreen or sunscreen. Use it every time you want to leave the house. A day on the beach or open-air is not impossible to make the skin become dark and burning.

  • Learn a Little Language

There’s nothing wrong with learning a little bit of Bangkok Thai. For the most part, local Thai residents cannot speak English. Just learn the language to say thank you, greetings and similar words.

  • Always Look at the Default Goods

During a walk do not let your sense of awe and excitement ignore the safety of luggage. So, always pay attention to the conditions and situations around you so that you are not used by people who are not responsible for jawing. If there is an information service for tourists, then try to find information from it.

  • Choose the Right Travel

If you are not confident about traveling alone, then you can entrust it to travel services or travel tours. Now many choices of travel packages to Bangkok Thailand at low prices but the best facilities and services.

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