7 Tips for Vacationing Abroad in the New Normal Period

The decline in active cases of COVID-19 has made several countries accessible to tourists. This is what also makes us able to plan vacation trips abroad. Even so, we still need to be vigilant because the COVID-19 virus has not completely disappeared. One way is to keep implementing health protocols wherever we go. Visa processing is also sometimes an obstacle when arriving at the airport, starting from complicated agencies and so on. Moreover, when we want to vacation in Bali, we definitely want to quickly feel the beauty of the beautiful beaches of Bali, right? a Visa Agency Bali helps you to quickly vacation there.

Moreover, if the country you are visiting is still experiencing an increase in Covid-19 cases every day.Then, what needs to be prepared so that your vacation abroad remains safe? Even though it’s only a vacation to a country close to us, of course keeping yourself fit is important. Well, answering the question above, we have a list of what you should know while on vacation abroad, when your files are managed by Bali Visa Agent, here’s are the tips ?

1. Know the Situation of the Country to be Visited

Before leaving, make sure you have done research related to cases and handling of Covid-19 in the country.

Not only that, also make sure the tourist attractions you visit later are not red zones and have good levels of cleanliness and health.

2. Understand the country’s entry requirements

Each country certainly has a different policy when entering the country. Therefore, you need to find out the various provisions and documents needed to enter the destination country, such as proof of vaccines, passports, and PCR test results.

You can easily find this information through the website of the country’s embassy or social media.

3. Book Tickets and Lodging in Advance

In accordance with the adage “prepare an umbrella before it rains”, you should prepare yourself by ordering tickets and lodging in advance, before leaving for vacation.

In addition to avoiding crowds and running out of tickets, this method can also get you a cheaper price. Not only that, you can also make more mature vacation planning while traveling abroad.

4. Follow Destination Country Regulations

Also make sure to always follow the regulations set in the destination country. For example, if you receive a Sinovac vaccination, you need to make sure that the country accepts tourists with the Sinovac vaccine.

In addition, make sure you comply with the health protocols in the country, such as wearing masks, tracing applications, and so on.

5. Keep Your Body Healthy

Apart from the presence of the Covid-19 virus, of course you don’t want to get sick while on vacation, right?

So, make sure you keep your body healthy by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. In addition, you can also bring vitamins during the trip if it is needed.

6. Always Bring Mask and Hand Sanitizer

Maybe in some countries you will see many people have stopped wearing masks. However, this is not a reason for us to stop being vigilant.

You still need to always carry a mask and hand sanitizer when traveling. That way, you can maintain cleanliness and minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

7. Ensure local transportation

Before leaving, it’s best to research local transportation in the destination country first. Apart from taxi services, most international airports are also equipped with commuter trains or shuttle services that will take you directly to your destination.
Of course, most airports have cheaper public transport options, but they are a little more difficult to get to. According to the New York Times, you can find train ticket prices, schedules, and advanced shuttle information on airport websites or use databases such as iFly or World Airport Guides, which list transit information for airports around the world.

Well, those are some tips for traveling abroad during a pandemic that you need to know.

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