3 Historic US Cities You Should Consider Buying Property In

History in the USA is nowhere near as long or deep as other countries: but it does have its past laid out. From the indigenous people who have lived here for thousands of years to the short history that the USA has made for itself, there are undoubtedly thousands of cities that feel like they’ve earned the title of a historic area.

These are three of the most popular historic cities, and why you should consider moving to any of them! 

Why Live in a Historic Area

If you’re not a huge history buff, you might not be sure why moving to a historic area is worth it: but it has so much to give back. Of course, the chance to continue learning as long as you’re alive is awesome, but there’s also the depth of arts and music that’s often ingrained into these cities that you can’t find anywhere else.

From literal ghost walks to battlefields that still smell like rust because of the fights that have occurred there, the history feels alive in these areas. These are three of the top cities to consider, and what they have to offer beyond boring books.


Philly is a city of 1.6 million people and has more than 350 years of history. The largest city in Pennsylvania, it’s known for being home to the Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall where the declaration of independence and constitution was signed, and other amazing American Revolutionary sites.  

Philadelphia homes for sale have been going for higher prices in the last two years, with the real estate market heating up from lack of supply and plenty of demand. So if you’re interested in purchasing an investment property, the best time to get in on it is now.


Charleston has been known as America’s #1 Small City for ten years and counting. Fewer than 140,000 people call this city home, but it has a lot of personality and life that allows it to feel far larger. The weather is mild year-round, with the worst summers reaching just over 90 degrees. Although it’s known for its many forts and Civil War memorials, you can learn much about the rest of the city’s history, including the indigenous people’s lives, at the Charleston Museum.

New Orleans

NOLA, the musical heart of America, is known for its nightlife and amazing music and food. Also called the most haunted city in the country, New Orleans is known for its deep history and incredible culture. Although there’s plenty to learn while you’re living here, there’s also countless things to see and do.

Real estate is hard to keep track of here since it can peak and fall depending on that year’s hurricane season, but it’s an amazing area to live in for anyone who wants a fresh start with great entertainment.

Live Somewhere That Inspires You to Learn

Learning is one of the best ways to keep our minds sharp and feeling young: so we must do everything we can to educate ourselves.