10 Popular Zee Tv serials you can watch in repeat

ZeeTv is one of the most popular Tv channels that is available on Indian television. However, people living away from India are missing all the excitement and fun of Indian television as they do not have zee tv streaming. To resolve this issue once and for all, YuppTv, which is one of the major OTT platforms providing South Asian content to the viewers living in foreign countries, has joined hands with ZeeTv to provide its content on the YuppTv platform. Now, the user living abroad can also enjoy unlimited access to the live Tv content of ZeeTV and will be able to Watch ZeeTv Online using the YuppTv application.

ZeeTV is a multilingual channel, and it provides content in many regional languages. YuppTv also understands the needs of its audience and provides shows in 13 different languages. YuppTv has nearly 13 million active subscribers on its platform. YuppTV application also has a user rating of 4.0, which is wonderful considering the amount of audience it hosts on its platform. 

People living away from India miss their daily shows telecasted live on the channels across India. However, that will not be the case anymore they will be able to Watch ZeeTv Live!

The top 10 shows which viewers can enjoy on the ZeeTv live using the YuppTV application are:

  1. Kundali Bhagya: This is one of the most-watched Zee TV show, and people are just crazy about the show. 

The story bounds the audience, and they can watch the serial on repeat.The serial revolves around two characters Karan, and Preeti. Karan and Preeti are married to each other. However, Karan thinks that everything bad that has happened in his life is due to Preeti. Despite their married life, Karan hates Preeti. However, Preeti is in love with Karan, and she is ready to go to any lengths to save their relationship.

  1. Anupamaa: The serial has gained popularity in a short period. Released in 2020, viewership of the series has been increasing tremendously. This is also the viewers choice and has been listed as the best zee tv hindi serial in 2020.

The story of Anupama who had ambitions and goals. However, she sacrificed her dreams for her family and did everything to put the missing pieces together and make her family happy. The story of Anupama is appreciated by millions because they can connect themselves to the character.

  1. Tujhse Hai Raabta: The story of a mother and daughter will keep you transfixed to your television screens. 

Anupriya and Kalyani are mother and daughter. Even though they are not blood-related, still they care for each other like a family. Their life takes a turn when Malhar marries Kalyani forcefully, and Anupriya is there to help save her from the misery of her forceful married life.

  1. Apna Time Bhi Aayega: The story is about a girl born in a poor household but has dreams and motivation to fulfil them. She tries to achieve those goals while working in a rich household.
  1. Qurbaan Hua: What is love when there is no drama? The story of Neel and Chahat is the same. They are married to each other, but not happily. Neel thinks that Chahhat’s family is responsible for the death of her sister. However, Chahat knows that her father is innocent, and she is trying to prove the same to Neel.
  1. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: The story is a love triangle of a police officer Virat. He is young and dynamic and in love with a girl. However, his father made a promise to a friend that Virat will marry his daughter. To honour the promise made by his father, Virat marries the girl. But the complications arise as the love of his life comes back, and now he is unable to decide where to put his loyalty.
  1. Imlie: The story of an orthodox village forced Imli to marry a journalist visiting the village to cover a story. On a rainy day, they both seek shelter in the same hut. Due to unstoppable rain, both had to spend the night in the shelter. However, the village forces Imli to marry the journalist.
  1. Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: The story of an aspiring girl Choti Guddan who has a dream to re-establish the hotel of her father. However, she faces a stiff challenge from Pushpa Birla. Pushpa intends to destroy the hotel even if she has to use her son Agasthya for it.
  1. Ishk Par Zor Nahi: What happens when people with contrasting personalities meet and are married to each other. It leads to misunderstanding, chaos and drama. 
  1. Maddam Sir: The story breaks the orthodox of patriarchal society and supports women empowerment. In a police station located in Aminabad, four lady officers are appointed. They deal with the increasing challenges in the area by using their wits and intelligence.