Fun Vacation to Yangon

Asia offers many fascinating cities for you to visit, one of which is Yangon. Yangon is the capital of Myanmar, which is famous for its friendly citizens. If you enjoy walking anywhere in Yangon, you will often be greeted by residents. In Yangon, motorbikes are not allowed. So the road is not as busy as other cities in Southeast Asia.

In Yangon, there are also many public transportation facilities that you can use—starting from the City Bus, Te mi (pickup truck with a tarpaulin roof), and taxis.

Aside from transportation, the thing you need to consider is the inn or the hotel you stay in. There aren’t too many hotels in Yangon, unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, this doesn’t make the 5 Star Hotel Yangon more expensive. The overnight price offered by hotels in Yangon is still relatively affordable. One of them is the Grand Mercure Golden Empire. This hotel, located on Hla Gyi Street, 14 Ward, South Okkalapa Township, has a wide selection of rooms, and is easy to access, and is close to tourist attractions in Yangon. That is what makes the Grand Mercure Golden Empire, the tourists’ favorite.

Here are some tourist destinations that you must visit in Yangon

1. Mingun Pagoda

One of the most exciting places that you can find in Myanmar is Mingun Pagoda.

Mingun Pagoda was built around the 1790s and became one of the largest pagodas in the world. Unfortunately, the construction is not yet completed. Even so, you can get the best photos here.

2. Win Sein Taw Ya

The next exciting place that you can find in Myanmar is Win Sein Taw Ya. You will find a statue with a length of about 180 meters and a height of about 30 meters. This statue is one of the most massive Buddhist statues in the world. You shouldn’t miss it.

3. Mrauk U

Want to try to enjoy the natural beauty of Myanmar from a plateau? You can come to Mrauk U. In this place, you can find many buildings resembling temples. You will get the best view if you come here in the morning and when the fog covers the building.

That’s some of the tourist destinations that you must visit when you’re on vacation in Yangon, Myanmar. Share it with your friends!