My trip traveled to Mui Ne Sand Dunes

The main destination to Vietnam, see and enjoy first hand its Vietnamese dunes. Still, do not believe until now that Vietnam has Sand Dunes of that size, it can’t even be said of dunes, but it is more like a dessert with an area of ​​2 square km.

Arrived at Mui Ne at 13:00, confused to ask where to go down the same way. Where the other passengers give the intended address. So, one of the inter-city overnight bus facilities is to deliver passengers to the address of the hotel in question. On the other hand, because I was booked at one of the 5 star hotels in ho chi minh, Hotel des Arts Saigon, MGallery, so I told the driver to be dropped off at the hotel I was staying in.

The trip makes me nervous, I don’t even imagine what Mui Ne area will look like, just use the principle of “yes, it’s easy to get there right there”. But, just in case you are a well-prepared person. So, these are the travel tips or the fact of Mui Ne. Mui Ne is a coastal area with the main road called Nguyễn Đình Chiểu which is filled with resorts, travel tours, and restaurants along the road. There are two ways to get to Mui Ne:

How To get to Mui Ne

  1. To get to Mui Ne, you can use the overnight bus from Ho Chi Minh as I told here. Cost USD 7 for 6 hours.
  2. Or you can go by train and get off at the phan Tiet station, from st phan Tiet you have to connect by taxi for about 1 hour. Train Cost USD 13 and Taxi USD 15.
  3. I strongly recommend using the overnight bus, since it provides a cheaper price and comfort for the budget traveler. An overnight review of the Ho Chi Minh bus to Mui Ne.

Then, the next to do after arriving at Mui Ne

  1. Join Mui Ne’s one day trip by jeep, you can usually find it on a travel tour along the Nguyen Dinh Chieu road. The trip schedule is usually 08.00 am 01.30 pm for around 4-5 hours.
  2. Rent a motorbike and drive around yourself.

My experience which follows the first way, it was quite satisfying. The Jeep was filled with 8 people from various countries. Being involved in a group, this is where I finally met several travel partners. Because it turns out I and the tourist from England have almost the same trip path. So we got together from there.

Timetable One Day Trip in Mui Ne.

1. Fairy Stream

The first destination is Fairy Stream. The river is divided by red brick stones. He said at the end of the river there is a small waterfall, which can only be seen by walking across the river for about 2 km. Unfortunately, I have walked 2 kilometers across the river, the waterfall did not appear, just turn back.

2. Fishing Village

I couldn’t find any interesting objects here, it was just a typical beach with some boats on the sand, thus this is the place where Mui Ne Vilaggers is making money.

3. White Sand Dunes

The destination that is farthest away but the most special and so beautiful. During the trip, I asked if dunes are so unique. In Yogyakarta, Indonesia there are also dunes located in Parangkusumo. I try not to overestimate expectations. But then, when I arrived, it turned out that the White Sand Dunes were far more beautiful than my expectations. So until at the white dunes, there must be many who offer ATV rental. Finally, I refused the offer and prefer to walk through the sea of ​​sand itself like a movie verse verses of love.

4. Red Sand Dunes.

If you can compare, White Sand Dunes is way more beautiful. The texture of sand in red dunes is coarser and wetter. And because of its location that can be reached from the roadside, the place is also more crowded. At Red Sand Dunes many have offered to rent a glass fiberboard to play slides, one slide for one dollar. The trip ended in the dark, we were all taken to their respective lodgings.