Enjoy the Luxury of Your Vacation at Novotel Da Nang Hotel

In addition to getting to know the traditions, culture and nature in Vietnam, surely you also want to create a lot of memories with your family, friends or your partner during a vacation to Vietnam. Determining the best overnight location is very important for maximum safety and comfort while in Vietnam.

You can find a variety of hotels when you visit Da Nang, but Novotel Danang Hotel is one of the Best Hotel Danang Vietnam and can guarantee an amazing experience for you and your friends, family or partner!

Highly recommended, this Da Nang Accommodation offers a luxurious and perfect place to stay for all of you. Enjoy a spacious and equipped hotel with a choice of breathtaking views from the garden, sea or beach! The facilities at this villa will certainly not disappoint you – a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious and clean en-suite bedroom and bathroom. Instantly, you can think of this villa as your own home.

Use Your Personal Time with Multiple Activities

At Novotel Da Nang Hotel, the variety of activities that can be carried out will be endless! You can swim in the available swimming pool, BBQ with family, friends or your partner, watch movies or play board games that are also available in your villa.

Explore the Outside World

Do not worry! Compared to indoor activities, outdoor activities are also no less exciting. Cycling around the city, enjoy white sandy beaches and clean water, treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the Novotel Da Nang Hotel, work out in the gym, let your children play at Kid’s Club or also fill your stomach in the restaurant provided at this resort.

Various Food Choices

The fact is and it cannot be denied if food is the most important thing in every trip. A must for you to try the local foods that are available. Novotel Da Nang Hotel is the location for 3 restaurants with the most delicious food and beautiful views:

Splash Pool Bar Restaurant

This restaurant offers all-day traditional Vietnamese dishes. Like, Vietnamese noodles that you can find outside, not only that, this restaurant also serves western food for those of you who prefer it.

Gourmet Bar Restaurant

This restaurant is perfect for business or friendly meetings. For special occasions or for those of you who want to enjoy private moments with your partner or family, and Gourmet Bar offers a variety of epic burger dishes, addictive tapas and delicious cakes.

Come on, vacation to Vietnam and feel the tradition, culture and nature! And if you want to enjoy your private time in peace, Novotel Da Nang Hotel is the perfect choice for you!

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